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The Time Travellers’
and Ball


Hello fellow time traveller,

You are receiving this encoded message across time and space as you have registered to come to the Convention on the 23rd. This is just to confirm some details and so you know what to expect. If you are staying into the night and beyond for the Ball then there will some extra details here for you also.

Firstly, thank you. It’s a big deal to get so many of us all into one timeline.


The property is Karioi Lodge, 5 Whaanga Road, Raglan. If you are coming by road, keep an eye out for it as you approach Whale Bay itself, you will take the left at the roundabout and the driveway is about 30 meters on your left. There is an obvious sign. If you are approaching by flying machine then consult your time and dimensional GPS.

Come up the long driveway, past the front house and parking will be in the main car park on your left. The lodge is a short walk further up the driveway.


We will be synchronising our timepieces to arrive between 10am and 11am on Saturday the 23rd, 2019. We will have another group checking out around 10am so there might be some people moving about. We will kick off the event at 11am but if you want to arrive early to be sure you can land on time, please do, and have an explore around the property.

Register on arrival

When you arrive please register yourself and any time travelling equipment with the office at the main lodge, even if you are not staying. Then we know who made it on site and how many to feed later.  If you are staying the accommodation will not be ready until the afternoon. Keep all your belongings with you and we will take a break to allow you all to check in later in the day.


If you need to park your machine somewhere, there should be space in the lower carpark. We may need to overflow some of you to the carpark at Whale Bay, which is a short walk. It might pay to catch a ride with another traveller to save on space.

If you want to time-machine-pool, you can register your vehicle or your virtual thumb.

Start - 11am

We will welcome you all at 11am in the main hall.

The day is open for us to use as we see fit. We want to get some fresh ideas on what we could do with the property to further our goals of teaching kids and educators innovation with technology. We have a number of ideas already, but our ideas might be silly. We want yours too. Think about how you would use 100 acres of native bush, a lodge that sleeps up to 100, a place to grow food, and the peaceful backdrop of Raglan and the Tasman Sea to innovate.

Some of the key topics we will want to discuss are:

  1. Other than school groups, what are the other groups in our community that could make use of the property.

  2. What technology should we use on the property as a showcase

  3. What education projects can we get groups of kids to do using technology, e.g. The Cacophony Project

  4. How can we fund the new facilities and infrastructure, e.g. building new classrooms, solar or wind or bee power to make the centre self sustaining.

  5. Your idea here (add to the list)

The topics and groups

We will self organise into as many groups as we need to, depending on people’s interests and experience. If you have ideas on some topics we can discuss on the day, please feel free to add them to this sheet here, add your ideas to inspire others.

We will work on these ideas in sessions of 1 hour length. Then we will touch base back at the main hall in between each session where a representative from each group will report back on what you have discussed and if you need any help. You may want to keep going on your topic with your group, or you may want to reform on another topic, or join another group. Move to whichever group you feel you can best contribute to.

We will update you on the schedule on the day.

Lunch - 1pm

We will break for a working lunch at 1pm. We will have easy to grab food so you can fuel up quickly and keep working with your groups.

We will keep going until 4, at which point we will all convene in the main hall for a full end of day report. This will give each group about 15 minutes to report back on where they got to and what they came up with. There will be cheers!

Snacks etc

There will be fruit, tea, coffee and snacks available at the main hall throughout the day. Have a favourite snack you want to share, then feel free to bring a plate.

The day part ends - 5pm

We will wrap about about 5pm, and this will conclude the Conference part of the day. Hopefully you won’t be too exhausted.

The Time Travellers’ Ball - 7pm

If you are staying on for the Time Travellers’ Ball then you will have time to check into your room and get changed into your true identities, and then we will meet again between 7pm and 8pm at Inspiration point for the start of the festivities. Even if you only registered for the Conference, you are welcome to stay and celebrate for as long as you want.

The ball is BYO drinks (we will have some welcome drinks for you) and some have asked whether there will be a cocktail bar. The answer of course is YES, so if you have a favourite cocktail you want to contribute the ingredients for you can list them here, so we don’t all bring vermouth.

Check out the next day - 10am

Check out is at 10am. If you want to hang around after that you are more than welcome to, we just need the rooms cleared for cleaning as there will be another group turning up that day. We will have somewhere for you to stash all your stuff if you need. There will be activities throughout the day for those that want to stay on for some chill time or something a little more adventurous.


The weather looks to be… well a little wet. There is a bit of a weather system approaching from the tropics. So good news is it will be warm. The bad news is it will be wet. You would think time travellers would be better at picking good days. Well it is what it is. The property is fairy big and we do want to get you all walking around it, so please bring a good jacket and umbrella. We promise it won’t turn out like the Fyre Festival.

Sunday surf lessons

If you would like to learn how to take to the waves, we will have a 2pm surf lesson on the Sunday. The lessons are run by Raglan Surf School who also live with us at the lodge and are $89. To book a spot, please add your name to this list, and you can pay at the office when you check in. If you don’t need a lesson, and just want to carve up some waves, you can rent a board or BYO.

Sunday sunset fish and chip harbour cruise

There will also be a sunset fish and chips harbour cruise at 7pm - 8:30pm on Sunday. It is $49 so add your name to the list for the cruise if you are interested, and you can pay for this at the office when you check in. The cruise will depend on numbers and as the name suggests, it includes fush n chups.

That’s all you need to know. If there is anything else I will send you an update.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to our place. It is the beginning of something quite wonderful. So thank you!

- Zoe and Vaughan