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Work on Secret Projects that give back to the community

At the institute we work on “Secret Projects” that solve a problem in the community. It could be monitoring the waterways for pollutants, tracking pests in the bush, measuring CO2 in the air or growing organic food to feed everyone.

Each project is designed by industry experts and then built and run by groups visiting the camp. If you have a project or mystery you need solved let us know and we might make it one of our next Secret Projects for kids to build.


Our projects are designed by industry experts and solve problems using technologies like:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Wireless & 5G

  • Sensors

  • AI

  • Energy

  • 3D printing

  • Programming

  • Machine learning

  • Electronics

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)

  • Biomimicry


How to work on a Secret Project


As part of your school camp you can elect work on a Secret Project. The projects are varied and change throughout the year. The projects are STEAM based and generally cover science, coding, design and engineering with hard and soft materials. When you book your camp our team can discuss with you the various projects and we can find one that fits with your desired learning outcomes for your classes.


When you book in your offsite with us you will automatically sponsor a school to come to the camp. You can also add to your agenda a half day or a day long design workshop where you will work with our team and resident educators to help design a new project. We work with you to make sure we are making full use of the expertise in the room, so it could involve design, coding, building, strategy, marketing or any other unique sets of skills your team have.

If you are a technology company, or have some specific expertise with a particular technology we love to explore how we can include it in the centre and projects. We have worked with many well known technology companies to showcase their products and technologies to the future generation of innovators.

Custom engagements

We are constantly editing the site, making it one giant experiment. If you have an interest in a larger engagement to help us build new infrastructure or to develop a programme of events you can host customers with, let us know. The Institute is a one of a kind venue where we invite the community to come in, make it better and use it to showcase innovative new thinking and to teach us all new things.

Contact us to discuss how The Institute of Awesome can host you.